dEmindED (deminded) wrote,

На чем проверяются люди, если войны уже нет? (c) Высоцкий

We don't cling to the job, don't "give our best" to it.. same to people, same to money, same to time.. All sunk in abudance, even having a chance we're hesitating about giving it an effort, stuck to comparing desired result to invesments. Have forgotten about making a step without getting insured about the path ahead, taking only prepaid or undoubtfully profitable projects, we're closing eyes to unknown, which moves the world. By collecting mistakes, learning to evade them, we degrade to reasonable conclusion of excluding any probability-of-mistake-containing means from life repertoir. The point is that when the average outcome shows the dropping trend, in response rules and filters become more strict, creating an everdescending spiral into grey porridge-like existance. The only hope comes about another universe-creating supertnew star explosion. I'm sick of progress and my propensity to it. Maybe this trait determins some valuable piece of so-called "Russian nature", or is it just my fear to take all the risk solely?

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