dEmindED (deminded) wrote,

this weekend has the color of despair
aquire will from pencil, paper, dreams

я не приду сегодня, пусть напрасно. прохладу мрака мне чай с коньяком разгонит.

Еще ступенька вниз, еще шажок обратно. Отдай мой угол, призрачный и затхлый. Бессмысленность сквозит в полете ветра. Найду фонарь, но светит он куда укажешь.

u live to leave this place in any vision u never can escape from powerlessness
just running all the way to force your muscles prevent the concentration from being broken
night always comes same time same hour and brings same reasons same regrets same tears
tre truth is that it is the main point of making other step despite directions
please tolerate what you cannot help doing
imagination is ultimate savior with keyword "maybe" creating expectations
of what you would have thought you'd done

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